ux/ui/visual design  •  art direction
year: 2014  •  project length: 1 year  •  platform: ios/android
Snapularity was a client project brought to Backbeat Networks during my tenure there. It sought to be a photo-sharing app with some new twists on the norm. Community-built content, novel presentation, and time-based lifetime on content being a few of these innovations. I handled all user experience and visual design in addition to interaction and animation design.
Problems to Solve
   • Novel interaction
   • Novel presentation
   • xox
Process toward Solutions
A novel presentation was of paramount importance among client desires. By tying the size of a photo, or Snap, with its popularity, I was able to add instant visual diversity and a more organic and random feel. Below, you can see the ratios of Snap sizes based on their social clout.

Home screen view

Size ratios for Snaps

Snapularity wire flowchart

My main goal in designing Snapularity's interaction was to create a visually memorable endless swipe experience. I tried to achieve this by adding background parallax scrolling that moves as users navigate, demonstrating depth of perception and content. I sought to evoke a sense of exploring interconnected galaxies filled with stars. The videos below demonstrate some experiments with motion and navigating actions within the app.

Video of app navigation

Video of transitions

Group album view
Group album view
Search, Suggested Results, Recent Searches
Search, Suggested Results, Recent Searches
A Snap's comments thread
A Snap's comments thread

Camera Roll and Camera UI

Outcome and Lessons Learned
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